Unparalleled Wearables

Our Vision

Perihelion Technology was founded by a small team of 4 established engineers and technology developers, who believe that wearable technology offers unparalleled opportunities to improve consumer's livelihoods and well-being, if only consumers would never take them off...

So how do you convince consumers to never take their devices off? Forego charging? Make them so light and discrete that they do not inhibit their daily activities? What if your expensive tracker falls off and is lost? Our vision is to deliver a revolutionary wearable node, that challenges these conventions.

Breakthrough technology, done well

Low Consumption Devices

To enable wireless, self-powering, small footprint devices, capable of sensing full biometrics and deriving behavioural recognition for gesture control, new manufacturing techniques for commercialisation of electronics - and low consumption sensing methods - must be developed.

Practical Functionality

There is no current product offering for the general demographic of wearable users. Perhaps they are attracted to the features and attributes of wearable technology, but are discouraged by cost, reliability, product life, bulkiness, power requirements and social influences.

Reliable Solutions

Our concept is based upon incumbent electrical system design, but leverages extensive use of novel process and sensor calibration techniques. Use of validated electrical hardware accelerates the development cycle, reducing time-to-market, and provides consumers with affordable, reliable hardware - a nod to our "never take off" philosophy.

  • Technology Platform

    We understand that to leverage the full potential of wearable technology, we have to offer feature-and-attribute combinations that ensure users are compelled to "never take off".

    Our inaugural product, LifeRing®, enables charge-less biometric, stimulus and behavioural tracking to a far-field receiver base. Our vision is to adapt this static base for mobile applications - through use of consumer electronics - providing a true, "never take off" experience.

  • Practical Applications

    Perilihelion Technology are a team of like-minded designers and engineers, who enjoy creating technology for its social and humanitarian merit - the potential to apply this technology for preventative medical applications, work safety, energy efficiency and greater social welfare has been the driving force behind our design activities to date.

    We are compiling a white paper on our proprietary process and characterisation techniques - watch this space...

Never Take Off

No Charging No Logging No Hassle

Get In Contact

As a team of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial professionals, Perihelion Technology are constantly striving to integrate with forward-thinking, progressive partnerships and collaborations.

In addition to our fledging presence in the wearables industry, Perihelion Technology offer a range of design and technology creation consultancy services, from 1D CAE/CAD product development to market analysis techniques.

Interested in joining us? Feel free to get in touch to discuss how your talents could help develop a revolution in wireless node technology.